How to Use and Important Additional Information

How To Use: Specialist machine.

  • Never Use Old Paint Or Paint With Particulates In It, the tip will block and this is no fault of the machine.
  • Filter Your Paint First With The Filter Bag That We Supply.
  • Place Suction pipe and bypass pipe Into Filtered Paint.
  • Turn Power Off. Turn Pressure To Lowest Setting. Trigger Spray Gun To Relieve Pressure. Turn Prime Valve Down (To Open Position).Turn Power On. Turn Pressure To Middle Position And Wait For Machine To Prime - Recirculating Into Your Paint Drum.
  • Turn Pressure To Lowest Setting. Turn Prime Valve Up (To Closed Position).Trigger The Gun And Turn Pressure Up Only Until A Fine Spray Mist Is Obtained And Then Apply To The Surface.
  • Watch the videos in the videos Section.
  • Make sure the machine is never idle with paint in it for more than 15 minutes , the paint will start curing and cause blockages in the system making the machine lose pressure.
  • Never let the machine run under pressure without releasing the pressure every 30 seconds or else the diaphragm will tear

How To Clean:

The Machine Must Be Cleaned Immediately After Use. INSIDE: clean water must come out of the return pipe and the spray gun. OUTSIDE : make sure that you have not messed paint on the machine or any of the pipes - Use thinners to clean before returning the machine. Cleaning Fee R2000 If Returned Dirty.
Procedure to clean:
  • Turn Power Off.
  • Clean our Airless Paint Sprayer Immediately After Every Use.
  • Turn Pressure To Lowest Setting. Trigger Spray Gun To Relieve Pressure. Turn Prime Valve Down (To Open Position).
  • Remove Tip Guard and Tip and place in container with Thinners or relevant solvent, don’t loose the white tip seal
  • (image of tip seal)
  • Remove Suction pipe From Paint And Place In Flushing Fluid.
  • Use Water For Water Base Paint And Mineral Spirits, thinners or relevant solvent For Oil Base Paint.
  • If Sprayer Has A Filter, Unscrew Bowl, Remove Filter Assembly. Assemble Bowl Without Filter. Clean Filter.
  • Turn Power On And Prime Valve Horizontal (To Closed Position).Hold Spray Gun Against Paint Pail. Take Trigger Safety Off. Trigger Gun And Increase Pressure Until Flushing Fluid Appears.
  • Move Airless Gun To Flushing Pail. Hold Spray Gun Against Pail And Trigger Gun To Thoroughly Flush System (Until Flushing Fluid Runs Clear).
  • Turn Prime Valve Down (Open Position) And Allow Flushing Fluid To Circulate For 1 To 2 Minutes To Clean Drain Tube. Raise Suction pipe Above Flushing Fluid And Run Sprayer For 15 To 30 Seconds To Drain Fluid. Turn Power Off.
  • Note: If Flushing With Water, Flush Again With Sunlight Liquid or Mineral Spirits Or Pump Armor, This Leaves A Protective Coating In The System To Help Prevent Corrosion.
  • Install Filter Bowl And Filter Assembly. Hand Tighten Filter Bowl.. Hand Tighten Gun Handle.
  • Wipe Sprayer, Hose And Spray Gun With A Rag Soaked In Water Or Mineral Spirits. Make Sure all Pipes are clean inside and outside.
  • If You mess paint on the pipes or on the machine be sure to clean with thinners or mineral spirits before returning the machine. Cleaning Fee R2000 If Returned Dirty. No Exceptions And No Arguments Please.

Why would the machine lose Pressure

  • If you run out of paint and the suction pipe draws air. → try to prime the machine again.
  • poor Quality paint. → paint with particles in it could cause a blockage on the suction valve or Pressure valve - rinse the entire system out with water or solvent to try and clear the blockage. DO NOT leave paint in the system, it will dry and cause irreparable damage.
  • Using epoxy paints and the epoxy cures to quickly → if you allow this to happen you could be billed an additional R4500.00 to refurbish the machine. Be very careful this does not happen
  • Suction valve or Pressure value failure - this is possible, but very unlikely. Hydraulic pressure failure - even more unlikely, unless the machine was transported on it side and oil leaked out. this can only be determined in our workshop
  • If you are unable to restore pressure please rinse the machine and pipes with water or solvent before calling our office. We will assist as soon as possible, but don’t just leave the machine, as the paint will dry in the pipes. Videos how to use and clean

Priming the pump

Place the smaller prime tube in a waste pail and the suction tube in the bucket of strained paint. Turn the prime/spray valve to “prime.” Switch on the pump. Turn the pressure valve up until the pump starts. When the paint starts flowing from the prime tube, move it into the paint bucket.Before you can start spraying, you have to prime the pump. You may have to repeat this process if the paint in the bucket runs out while you’re spraying.
Turn off the power switch.Turn the spray/prime valve to prime.Aim the gun against the side of the waste pail and pull the trigger to release the pressure.Engage the trigger lock.
Spray tips slide into a hole in the front of the airless paint sprayer gun. They’re labeled with a three-digit number like 309 or 517 (these may be the last three digits of a longer model number). Doubling the first digit tells you the spray fan width with the gun held 12 in. from the surface. A 415 tip, for example, would have an 8-in.-wide fan, while a 515 would have a 10-in. fan pattern.
The next two digits indicate the size of the hole in thousandths of an inch. Choose a smaller diameter hole (.009 to .013) for thin liquids like stain or varnish and a larger hole (.015 or .017) for thicker liquids like latex paint.
A 411 tip would work well for spraying varnish on woodwork, while a 517 is a good size for spraying large surfaces with latex paint.

This is a specialist machine.

We require your operator to come in for training on how to use and how to clean so that you can get the deposit back.
Airless machines cannot spray micatex or poor quality paints containing particles, it blocks the nozzle.
We supply a filter bag (R100) to strain paint.
Water based paints are preferred but solvent based paints can be used, but the cleaning method is different and more costly.
"eco rubber" paint can be sprayed with our larger machines which costs R100 more.
The R2000.00 deposit is refundable only if the machine is retuned perfectly clean. We are very strict with this, as dirty hoses need to be replaced and the machine needs to be stripped down completely to clear out residual paint. (3 hr process).
These machines can comfortably spray 200-400 square meters per hour in windless conditions. Depending on the operators skills.
Please call 0217055034 if you have any other questions.
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