Conference Project Manager

Conference Project Manager

Launched Customer Conference


SaaS AI Translation for Customer Support


1st Anual Customer Centric Conference (CCC)
Project Manager
In synergy with key teams, I overachieved goals when launched Unbabel's CCC as a Project Manager.

What I did

This was possible due to strong project management skills that involved:
  • Documenting every step of the preparation and delivery of the conference and making it readily accessible to all teams involved (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Leadership, and external agencies).
  • Working closely with key teams, both internal and external, to ensure everyone is aware of their individual goals and contributions
  • Managing the full stack of the conference: coordinated 20 speakers from worldwide, executed all the communications with the participants, managed sponsorship deliverables, and led a senior events agency while coordinating all customer-facing teams internally


  • Gathered 100+ major players in Customer Service ā€” this resulted and new enterprise clients and upsells due to the outstanding experience our customers and prospects had with us at CCC

I owned great impact

"I cannot forget how Mariana owned and delivered two customer conferences that are already part of Unbabel's greatest moments."
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Hugo Macedo, Sr. Dt. of Product Marketing at PandaDoc
Former manager
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