Stacks Foundation OKRs

Stacks Foundation OKRs

Hey there, thanks for looking at our Objectives and Key Results! Below you’ll find the exact OKRs we work from. If you’d like to best understand these, we recommend reviewing the model. These are meant to be ambitious and difficult to achieve in the time allotted, completing ~70% of the total work is considered successful in this model and we often take on work we know will span multiple quarters. We also align our efforts to the 'Orbits' model which is further described here.
Looking for previous quarters? Flip to the ‘Recaps and Reports’ tab on this page and you can find links to blog posts and/or board decks that cover our OKRs and results.

🎯 Current OKRs (Q3 2022)

Key Objectives for Q3 2022

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(A) Set the stage for successful Stacks 2.1 upgrade
(B) 250 new Community Leaders
(C) 120 total Companies built on Stacks
(D) 200 total Clarity Developers

💯 Background on our OKR numbers

To avoid trying to ‘boil the ocean’, we’ve broken down our grand mission of building a better internet on Bitcoin into something like epochs, that we can more easily quantify and resource against. Ultimately a measure of our success will be the value built on Stacks. In order for the value of what’s built on Stacks to increase, we need quality projects. To get there, we need solid technology and we need developers and entrepreneurs. To oversimplify some, our OKRs are all aligned around making sure Stacks technology progresses and that there is talent in the ecosystem to put it to good use.
Using 3% of BTC market cap a guide post for getting to in the next year, that translates into needing 300 companies (4x) built on Stacks by July ‘23.
If you want to have 300 companies built on Stacks in 12 months, that translates to:
  • 300 Companies led by entrepreneurs: up from 75 today
  • 600 Developers: up from ~120 in January 2022
  • 1000 Talented contributors: up from ~250 FTE today.
These are rough guidelines, OKRs take on more specific projects mapping to outcomes generating more talent and better technology for the ecosystem.
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