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The Founder Institute Methodology

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Common Questions

Does Founder Institute only accept Tech companies?
How is Founder Institute different from Techstars and Y Combinator?
What are the time requirements for the Core Program?
Is Founder Institute a “Pre-Accelerator?”
What is Required to Graduate the Core Program?
What is the Refund Policy?
Are Payment Plans Available?
Can I Apply as a Team?


Can I Submit More than One Idea?
Will Other Founders have Similar Ideas?
How is Intellectual Property Protected?


How Does the Application Process Work?
What is the Entrepreneur DNA Assessment?
What is the Difference Between the Launch Track and the Growth Track?


Do I Need to Quit my Job?
Will You Help Me Find a Co-Founder?
What is the Graduation rate?


How are Mentors Selected?
How are Founders Paired with Mentors?


Will You Help Me Incorporate?
Do I Need to Work With a Legal Firm?
Do I Need to Use Founder Institute’s Legal Partner?
Do I Need to Incorporate in my Home Country?
What If I’m Already Incorporated?

Entrance Agreement

What is the Entrance Agreement?
What is Collateral Security?

Equity Collective

What is the Equity Collective?
How are Equity Collective Funds Distributed?
What Triggers a Distribution?


What is a Warrant?
Why Do I Sign a Warrant?
Why a Warrant and Not Equity?
Does Founder Institute Own 2.5% of my Company?
When is the Warrant Activated?
What If I Bootstrap?
Does Founder Institute have Voting Rights?
What Happens if I Drop Out?


Does Founder Institute Invest in My Company?