Study Coordinator Recruitment

Study Coordinator Recruitment



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The Macro Adoption Team are delighted to announce that the Macro Adoption Project will reach the widest BIM community to recruit Study Coordinators worldwide and will launch data collection campaigns in 2023.
We are looking forward to working with colleagues and collaborators from every continent.
For detailed eligibility criteria, please read this page
The Macro Adoption Team Members at BIMExcellence have continued the work throughout 2022 and have made significant progress. They have been working on the survey design of three types complementary Macro Adoption Studies:

Type1: Policy Environment (PE)

  • Aim to establish whether, when, and how policies are being enacted by policy makers to facilitate BIM adoption and digital transformation across a defined market.
  • Data will be collected through by invitation surveys and facilitated workshops.
  • Participants in this study are government agencies and macro-policy influencers from not-for-profit institutions.

Type2:Education Landscape (EL)

  • Aim to establish the diffusion of digital transformation topics, collaborative educational practices, and relevant information management qualifications across educational institutions and programmes within a defined market.
  • Data will be collected through by invitation  surveys conducted in collaboration with prominent local institutions.
  • Participants in this study are …

Type3: Organisational Adoption (OA)

  • Aim to establish the adoption of digital transformation tools, workflows, and protocols within organisations across a defined market.
  • Data will be collected using open surveys targeted at a sample of small and large organisations across disciplines and specialties.
  • Participants in collaboration with local partners (including not-for-profit and for-profit entities),


The Team will initiate a Macro Adoption Study in a defined market and this page is intended to recruit Study Coordinators interested in conducting a BIMe Initiative Macro Adoption Studies in their region.
This Team has also been working on the methodological aspects - to ensure rigorous data collection for each study across markets and defining a Study Cycle Timeline.
Overview Study Cycle Timeline
Overview Study Cycle Timeline

Collaboration Agreement

This Collaboration Agreement (611in) clarifies the roles, rights, and responsibilities of the parties interested in joining the BIMe Initiative Macro Adoption Project.
By signing this document, the signatories agree to collaborate towards developing and delivering a Macro Assessment within a defined market, country, state, or region, in accordance with the BIMe Initiative General Principles and the sponsorship guidance provided in the Sponsorship Guide (901in) and the Macro Adoption Sponsorship Addendum (903in).

Study Protocols and Study Cordinators Profile

Expression of Interest

The Expression of Interest is intended to recruit Region Coordinators interested in conducting a BIMe Initiative Macro Adoption Study in their region. Region Coordinators are individuals representing a public organisation, a university, or a not-for-profit association or community group.
Participation is subject to an accepted Expression of Interest  according to a published project strategy and applicable study protocols.
The Macro Adoption Studies coducted through will collated data from multiple regions from across the world.
For detailed assessment, please access this link:


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