The Front Room Community Noticeboard

The Front Room Community Noticeboard

Welcome to The Front Room Community Noticeboard; a place to find open invitations from CIVIC SQUARE and lots of other neighbourhood happenings across B16 and the surrounding areas, organised by a whole host of amazing doers and connectors. This is by no means a complete list - there is too much brilliant stuff happening every day for any one person, collective, or organisation to keep up - but we hope this will shine a light on some of the extraordinary things happening every day in the place we are proud to build and call home, and will continue to add to and expand it over time.
If there’s anything you’d love to see added here, e-mail us at or drop a post in The Front Room Key facebook group. We’ll be adding lots more throughout 2022 to spread the word about the amazing work by many others in our neighbourhood.


Past Invitations


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About The Front Room

The Front Room is the beginnings of an ambitious, long-term neighbourhood platform at CIVIC SQUARE; a place to come together, organise and grow our collective resilience.
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