Open Knowledge Foundation Proposal

Here is the proposal based on our conversation last night. We would love to work with OKF as it fits perfectly with out work in the public sector, particularly helping scientists and technologists better lead, communicate and envision the future. Personally, I would like to run these workshops for you myself, but as I said, if you cannot meet the budget below I can assign this to one of my team. However, I do recommend that I at the very least run the Future’s Workshop with your network of collaborators, as the profile of the participants will be quite high (and therefore best to have the VIP hairdresser in the room 😜
Brian’s fees for design and facilitation of workshops:
Outside Barcelona:
6000 for half day
10000 for full day
In Barcelona:
5000 for half day.
8000 for full day.
Workshop 1: Team Culture and Define Objectives:
10th May: Full Day 8000EUR
11th May: Half Day 5000EUR
Who: 13 members of OKF Team - never met each other face to face. All work remotely.
  • Highly engaging and productive workshop with materials co-created with OKF.
  • After the workshop - written agreements by the team and brainstorms for further deliberation written on boards, flipcharts.
  • Alignment among team about work culture
  • Expert advice from Brian (if necessary) on topics such as leadership, communciation, meetings, project management)
  • Everyone’s voice heard, relationship building.
Workshop 2: Futures Workshop - Future of Open Knowledge
13th May: 8000EUR
WHO: For 10 people. All leaders of their strategic partners.
Brian will be assisted by Ana Paola Lopez.
  • Alignment around strategy and vision of OKF
  • Networking done in a meaningful ways (by talking about ideas, not about yourself).
  • Plenty of topics for more conversation afterwards, or online.
  • Introduction to the Moonshot Thinking Methodology developed Performing Ideas based on our experience at Alpha, Europe’s first Moonshot factory.
  • Three different visions of the future and the role of OKF in each of them.
UNESCO Workshop Design:
Fee: 8000
Design a 1.5 hours online workshop for Civil Servants to be delivered by people from UNESCO based on Research done by OKF
Estimate 8-10 hours work to design.
Creation of Mural Board (if necessary - this depends on how the pilot workshops go. We find Mural/Miro Boards can have too steep a learning curve for 1.5 hour workshops) and slides by our Graphic Designer
  • 2 hours with OKF to test run the workshop V.1
  • 2 hours with OKF to run a second time and test V.2
  • Lesson Plan for workshop: Timings and exercises, speeches with places for personalisation by faciliator.
  • Slides and any other materials by graphic designer
  • Mural Board by graphic designer (if necssary)
  • Video recording of final version of workshop to be shared with trainers
  • Optional Extra: train the trainers. PerformingIdeas can train the UNESCO presenters how to run the workshop (2.5 hours): 2500 EUROS
Total Fees:
8000 + 5000 + 8000 + 8000 = 29000
-15% discount for:
  • quantity of work
  • for being new client (we want to show you what we can do!)
  • have the exciting opportunity to work with OKF and UNESCO