Progress Dashboard
Progress Dashboard

Progress Dashboard


Upcoming Holiday Breaks:

Nov. 23rd,24th,28th & 29th
Dec. 23rd-Jan. 3rd

Days off this Week:

Saturday & Sunday

Working Days this Week:


Typical Work Hours:

9:00 PM-5:00 AM
Generator Master List
Generator Master List
Character Design Task List
Character Design Task List
Website & Patreon Task List
Website & Patreon Task List
Client-Based/Commission Task List
Client-Based/Commission Task List
Vector Character Collection Progress/Release List
Vector Character Collection Progress/Release List

Character Request Queue

[Lite] (Non-patron):0
[Fan-Inspired] (from patron):0 (from non-patron):0
[Patron] (Main Character):n/a (Secondary Character):n/a (Tertiary Character):n/a (Supporting Character):n/a (Recurring Character):0
[Ko-fi ] (from Patron):0 (from non-patron):0

How long do things take me to complete?

Please note that these time ranges have a wide berth because it’s based on the complexity of the characters I’m working with. Each character is a case by case situation and processing times may vary.
Creating/finalizing a character in ePic: 30 minutes-1 hour
Basic editing in Photoshop: 1-5 hours
Vector Conversion: 30 minutes-2 hours
Advanced editing in Photoshop:1-5 hours
Animation in DP Animator: 1-5 hours
Scheduling tweets for a month: 2-3 hours
Creating a Patreon Post/Article (including proofreading and polish): 2-5+ hours

Current Task List

  • Annual flash Jam
  • December Twitter characters and portraits

General ETA List

Annual Flash Jam: by Dec. 15th
Backlogged Samplers: by end of Q1 2023
Backlogged CIDs: by end of Q1 2023

This Week’s Risks,Challenges & Hiccups

I am taking the end of this week and beginning of next as a holiday break so I can hang out with my husband on his vacation time. I will still be doing what I can the next couple of days though and back to the grind on the 30th.

What’s Going on Right Now (In a Nutshell)?

This week I am focusing on doing the newsletter and characters for December and completing another content poll for 2023 content. It’s a poll I need to create a sample catalog for and that’s what’s taking the longest. More than likely I am going to just use the rest of 2022 and maybe part of Q1 2023 to catch up and resume charging in early 2023.

General Notes:

  • You may have noticed my store and a couple other things aren't on the dashboard yet. I'll get to adding them but I wanted to get the core stuff on here for now and get this dashboard feature active as soon as possible. Some things like my HTML5 work and store have just had to be put aside a lot this year with everything I've had going on personally and how that's forced me to put off or highly prioritize certain creative projects. I will be doing things with my programming and the store again in 2023 but 2022 will be a lot of getting back to a good point and finishing putting out backlogged content.